Home Service Massages

I’ve always been a staunch supporter of going places to get a massage, call me old-fashioned, but thats just the way I believed it should be.  Key word: Believed.  Thanks to my intense laziness, i was forced to, for the very first time, try out a home massage service. And let me tell you, it was awesome. Cheap, efficient, and afterwards, i could just lay there and sleep for hours without anyone waking me up and saying, “Sir…time to go na po”. Boom.

Obviously, as this was my first time to avail of this, seemingly booming industry, I had no idea who to hire. So i went to Google…which in turn led me to Spot.ph‘s article on the Top 10 Best Home Massage Service in Metro Manila (Awesome, BTW). I’m not kidding, it was helpful as fuck. It chronicled the good and the bad, to, what i presume, were pretty popular “companies”(?) in this line of work (at least in Metro Manila). I wont go into much details, as I would prefer that you read the article yourself (believe me, it’s worth it).

I would, however, love to talk about the people I actually hired: these guys.  They were on time, reasonably-priced, and the massage was awesome.  Those are pretty much the only factors I first look for in a massage service.  Check out their website. They have balls-deep of information about various services and such… Plus, the killer thing I liked about the website was this ad I found on the “Services Page”

"Uh, sir... Just so we're clear...check out the last line on the our ad."

Fucking. Epic.


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