John Grisham’s The Broker

As I have made known to most, if not all, the people I meet… I am not a reader.  I don’t even read instructions on how to properly cook microwavable popcorn (to the annoyance of my brother, who loves ’em… but thats an entirely different article already). I’m more of a “see and hear” type of guy, basically, Movies.  However, a book my mom recommended to me about a year ago or so, that I eventually started reading while on the can about a month ago (further evidence of me not being a “book” person), actually got me pretty hooked. Obviously, it’s a book by John Grisham, and as the title of this entry suggest, the book is titled “The Broker“.

I haven’t finished it yet, but I am about to.  So far, what I can gather from what I have read is that it’s about this former lawyer, who got imprisoned a few years back for doing nasty shit to the US Government, which in turn, made him the US’ number 1 enemy next to he who shall not be named.  The outgoing President then, out of the blue, mysteriously signs this midnight pardon, exonerating said former lawyer.  The former lawyer, now in his late 50’s, is then, literally, shipped of to Florence, Italy to live a new, constructed life.  Little does Mr. Former Lawyer know that the reason he was given this seemingly awesome new life (I mean, come on… you fucked over the most powerful government in the world, and they give you a new life in Florence, Italy? Really?) was because, well, at least according to the book, constitutionally speaking, the United States government cannot kill it’s own citizens, specially in it’s own territory.  So what do they do? They ship his ass thousands of miles across the Atlantic ocean, and literally serve him up to the other countries that are trying to kill him (China, Israel, Russia…among others, as established in the first part of the book).  Crazzzy.

I know where he can hide...

That’s from what I’ve read so far, of course.  It’s a pretty interesting read, the way the characters interact with each other, it’s just really really fluid.  JG (yes, that’s what i call John Grisham) did a really good job writing this, in a sense that there doesn’t seem to be any loopholes in the story (at least from what I’ve read so far, which is more than half of the book).

One good thing I really like about this book is that you really cannot imagine the character as someone that looked like Harrison Ford, and operated like Jason Bourne… it’s just impossible.  Early on in the novel, the writer has establishes how much hair this guy lost, how much weight he lost to the point of anorexia, how he looked like he hasn’t slept in seven years, etc.

He definitely didn't look like this

All in all, I’m sure this is something I’ll be really proud to finish… in about a year or so… depending on my bowel movement.

P.S. Anyone who suggests Harry Potter books will be damned.


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