Laguna, Laguna

As Filipinos, we often, if not always, make sure that Holy Week is a time to go out of the cities, and go on vacations with our families… Of course, as Catholics, we also look at Holy Week as a time of reflection, and thanksgiving.  While I myself believe that Holy Week is indeed a time for religion and Family, I also believe that not all of us are into religion…and subsequently, families.  So, in essence, how does one marry the two, most treasured concepts, of Semana Santa in the Philippines? Go somewhere religious, and at the same time, bat-shit awesome!

By this Philosophy then, where can one go? Well, personally, I choose Laguna.  Historically, you just can’t get any more historical than the province that birthed your fucking national hero. There is just no way. Plus on the religious side, they have churches that were made in the 1600’s!…That are still up!  Plus, while driving along the road, you can see people really going on pilgrimages to churches and shrines, and at the same time, during Black Friday, you can see people just whipping themselves until they bleed (For the Spartacus fans out there).

blood and sand...blood and sand

My family stayed in Caliraya Lake, which is basically a man-made lake that was made for electricity. Dude. I love my country and all, but I had no idea we were capable of this! (**evidently Caliraya was made years ago, and has since become somewhat a beacon of corruption… so i guess there goes my amazement) Besides supplying power to the surrounding municipalities in Laguna, Caliraya also served as a booming summer getaway spot with resorts and water sports complexes around the bay.  They even have Ziplines and Zorb balls (Though I didn’t try any of these, since I basically just lounged and played Golf…and ate).

But anyway, here are the pictures of the churches I visited, and the sites I saw around Laguna!


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