Why Filipinos are a Sad, Sad People.

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote something substantial, and not useless on this thing. Believe it or not, that’s actually one of the reasons why I started this “blog”: I wanna write about something that is useful, opinionated, and not stupid. If you know me, then you know I say a lot of stupid things (jokes, crack-ups, false anecdotes, etc.). However, what substantial thing I always say, I leave for my writings. 

So I guess you could say that this is one of them. This entry is about why I think we suck as a people. You may like it, or you may hate it… but the beauty of it is that I told you what this would be about, even before you read… so basically you have the option to not read it. So, there you go. 

Im sure most of you have seen this on on ze interwebs lately:

You’ve Seen It, I’m sure.

And I’m also sure that you all have your own opinions when it comes to this little statement. Some of you may completely agree with this statement, some of you may not (I’m one of them). Some of you may be indifferent, while some of you may be feeling somewhat murderous. But the bottom line is, each and everyone of you are entitled to your own opinion. Nothing can take that away from you. if you wanna love, then by all means, love. If you wanna hate, then hate away my friend.

What I would like to address, however is the effect this tiny little statement, on a random social networking website, aimed to show and what it subsequently brought upon to our tiny 7,100 island nation. Yes, I’m sure the good intention was there, yes, the statement wanted to inform people of certain “injustices” that have occurred over the past couple of months, in a way, it did inform a lot of people (I’ve been seeing this being re-posted a lot). However, at the same time it also brought out the Filipino’s worst trait ever (and perhaps will be this nation’s downfall) crab mentality.

Am I taking sides? Hell no. Am I stating a fact? Yes, yes I am. How is it a fact you say? Think about it… not more than 2 years ago, the Philippine Football Team (Azkals) were at exactly the same situation the Philippine Dragonboat team is right now: They had no support (from any sector), no knew who they were, and yet they still kept at it not only because they wanted to do the country proud, but also because they loved the fucking sport. But true enough, little by little the  Akzals started winning matches, and even reached the Suzuki Cup semi-finals (a first for the country) with zero financial support from the government (yes, they failed to qualify for the 3rd round of the World Cup Qualifiers, but answer me this…Is this not the 1st time in the history of the country that we actually reached the 2nd round? Also, can you honestly tell me you could do a better job against the Kuwaitis? If you cant answer me honestly, then shut the fuck up).

And so they became successful. And yes, success comes with a few perks…Okay, a fuck load of perks. But hey, they deserved it. It’s not like they didn’t do shit.

This is exactly what’s happening to the Philippine Dragonboat Team. They were never supported by the government and they still won a shitload of medals, and broke ass-loads of world records. Let’s face it. They are fucking awesome. And, just like the Azkals, they also got a financial backer (Cobra). So yes, they are exactly the same.

So why try to pit them against each other, Philippines? Why the need to pick a side? Why the need to start a war where no one would win? What, do you think that just because the Azkals are good looking guys (I’m not gay, but come on… I’m sure no one will disagree with me on this one) that they don’t deserve the accolades they’re getting now?

It’s because we are a sad, sorry, jealous people. I don’t know what we’re jealous of, but believe me we are. Why do we do this to ourselves? Are we really like crabs? I believe we are. And frankly, I’ve lost all hope. We are losers. Hell, we can’t even get together properly and celebrate 2 of the biggest, iconic, Filipino groups this country has ever seen (at least in this decade) without pitting them against one another, without choosing a side, without bringing down the other. If you don’t believe me, go to your social networking walls/pages/profiles (whatever), look at what you posted (which I’m sure you did), and look at the comments.

Go ahead. Bathe in the hatred, jealousy, and crab mentality you started, and I’m sure you’ll see why we are a sad, sad people.

Thank you Philippines. We suck, and you just helped me prove it.


25 thoughts on “Why Filipinos are a Sad, Sad People.

    • Thanks for the feedback Nikko. Hopefully more people get to read this (and other similar entries around the interweb) and finally see the error of our ways as a people. Cheers to you my friend.

    • Naisip ko ren yun, kaso di lang Pilipino ang target ng article na to. Maraming tao sa mundo…lahat sila dapat malaman ang problema ng mga Pilipino… para naman mahiya tayo, kahit konti lang.

      By the way, napaka astig ng handle mo. Saludo ako sayo brad

    • Eh ano ngayon kung Pilipino tayo? Di porket ingles ang linguahe na ginagamit ng isang tao, eh “di na pilipino”. Parang di mo binasa ung article, ha?

      Next time na gugustuhin mong alisin ang pagka-Pilipino ng isang bagay, base sa linguahe na ginamit.. tanuning mo sarili mo, “Ano ba ang linguahe na ginamit ni Rizal nung sinulat niya ang kanyang mga aklat? mga tula? pati na rin ung “ang di man magmahal sa sariling wika…”?

      Onga pala, “Tagalog” is not a language, dialekto yan, brad… “Filipino” ang national laguage natin.

    • I hope the REAL support you are talking about is Philippine Sports in general.

      These people (our Philippine Athletes) risk life and limb just to make us proud, and we bring them down because we’re jealous? How fucked up is that.

    • Very true. Howeer, I believe we are in a position to be agents of change. Let the oldies rule it out at their ivory towers. We’ll get the country back, me thinks

    • What system is that exactly? The system that we ourselves built? Theres no one else to blame but ourselves. We’re the ones that bring ourselves down. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can fix it.

      My friend, the essence of this article merely seeks to ask “Why the need to bring ourselves down, amidst all reasons pointing to the opposite direction”, and not to look for others to for blame.. because in essence, the blame lies entirely on us.

  1. Excellently made, dear sir.

    Sadly, people don’t understand what both teams really went through. They thought that the Azkals already had someone supporting them (government) but what they didn’t know was that the manager of the team himself paid for the costs and expenses for two years before they were recognized and supported by other private sectors. They don’t also know that PFF is not supported by the government but in fact by FIFA itself so the funds don’t come from the government. Same as the Dragonboat organization, PFF before had political issues and only after their breakthrough last year they managed to kick out Martinez as president and now PFF had a better management unlike before.

    Those people don’t want to make any research and just make assumptions. They don’t want to acknowledge the facts and would just citicize.

    The two sports are too DIFFERENT to be compared. Medals are different from a golden cup. I doubt football had gold, silver and bronze medals because only the prize is the World Cup (or other Cups) where there is only one team recognized. If being compared just for their achievements are justified in their own opinion, they’re such a sad, sad state the Filipinos really are.

    Why pit against two teams when their goal is to bring pride and recognition that the Philippines can be also good (or better) in this kind of sport?

    I just wish everyone would just support all teams and not just compare. One sport is different from the other. So are the rules and regulations. I’m pretty sure Juan Dela Cruz is crying right now because of what’s happening.

    • My friend, I feel that I should’ve conversed with you first before writing this article. it would’ve saved me time and effort. Excellently put!

      The two teams are both Filipinos, are both severely under appreciated, and are both doing their respective things for love of country… Why pit them against each other?

      It’s high time us Filipinos change this attitude of ours..specifically the “Wala naman yan, kasi…” or the “Mas ok kaya si ganito…” Lalo na kung parehong Pilipino yung pinaguusapan!

      I think our new attitude should be “Tangina Niyong Lahat, Pilipino Kami!” — > Mas astig to diba?

      • Thank you. You are indeed correct, One need not be brought down to love the other. We all just need to spread the love. Who knows, the country might soon be the icon of sports within this century (Football, Dragonboat Racing, Boxing, Billiards, Bowling, What else am I missing?)

    • I ask you this, what are the basis of your criticisms? That they’re good looking? Give me something substantial, Kid. Have you any idea how stupid your comment sounds? To critique something is to talk about a certain subject based on sound, logical, and substantial ideas. Crab mentality isn’t one of them. BTW, Im pretty sure you’re using the word “sarcasm” wrong. Stay in school.

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