Fear and Loathing in Las Piñas

Fear, I firmly believe is what keeps us grounded. Without it, we’d be headless chickens trying to put our chicken cocks in some chicken pussies (forgive my crassness, i seldom have no class, but I digress. I believe in fear, simply because I am experiencing it right now.

I have a great carreer, an awesome pad, a great life. But i fear that this isn’t what I want. I fear that I dont know what I want. I hate that feeling. That feeling of excitement and then you get a surprise butt-sex from Fear itself.

I have an awesome life. I worked hard to enjoy what I enjoy. However, the question still remains: Am I doing it wrong?

Who knows, hedonists would probably say “fuck it, lets bail”. That they would, that they would sure. Most parent police would always thow the “future” or the “pano gour dream lamboo.

My mind is everrvug rivht niw. So if stop mKing sense i just wanna say……. Wrote this blog dntry on my blog. Woah the sun is up. Kidongxm


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