2013 Philippine Elections: Transparency, The Final Frontier

I don’t know about you, but I was pretty disappointed with this years national elections. I was hoping people we would be a little smarter when it came down to our choices, however, personally speaking, I fear that was not the case. I’m sure a sizable amount actually thought about their choices, and actually did thorough research. Unfortunately, I feel that there were more people that relied on name recall to cast their votes. Oh well. That happened, we gotta move on (see my previous post here on suggestions on how to move on). I’m here to write about what we can do post 2013. I stumbled upon a little Facebook page a few days ago, thanks to a friend’s reco, and I found it quite… educational. So, as most series come in three’s (except for Arrested Development), I now bring you the final article I’ll be writing on the 2013 Philippine National Elections.

Something seems wrong in this diagram (taken from Rappler.com’s FB Page)

I think it’s safe to say that the recently concluded National elections were a failure to some, but a success to most. No use crying over spilled milk, I guess. So what do we do now? Look at this website/Facebook page (try to check it ASAP because people might actually take it down soon).

The website chronicles all rumors about graft and corruption in the City of Muntinlupa, mosty from the previous administration. Now, I’m not saying all the things on this site are true, but it could be a good way to get people to start asking questions, to start digging deeper when it comes to their choice of who to put in power.

This page fascinated me because it gave power to the people in a really explosive way. Before, when we wanted shit done we had to line up, apply for a permit, create placards, rally under the scorching tropical heat, and occasionally get taunted by Metro Manila motorists who just wants to get to work on time.

If this happened in the middle of EDSA, we’re fucked.

Now, with the advent of social media, it’ll only take us a few clicks to actually get some shit going. Hell, a simple Facebook event could be as powerful as a debate (something Nancy Binay probably will disagree with haha). This is what this Facebook page did.

It gave the power to question back to the people. I’ve seen complaints on Facebook about how we just experience the bad side of democracy during this year’s elections. Well, I’m saying, this may be the solution. Democracy is for the people, by the people. With social media, we can actually spark a conversation with the people in power, the people that elect them, and the people that don’t want them there.

True, people can just post libelous things on there, and all that jazz… but in the end, we’ll have a medium where we can voice out our concerns, get into dialouge, and hopefully, find solutions to our problems.

I’m not sure if  this site is still up. I’m not sure if people will bother. But I am sure, we may have found a way to get better answers from the people in charge. Thanks to Social Media… the government may start to fear the people, and not the other way around. I hope we can continue this sort of advocacy.

Or not. Whatever.


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