Crossover Hits, Branding, and David Beckham

So, David Beckham is set to retire at the end of this French League season. At 38 years old, David Beckham, England’s captain, owner of David Beckham’s Right foot, as well as David Beckham’s Left foot, has finally decided to hang up his cleats. Sad day? Perhaps for some. For me? Not so much. See, I’m not a big fan of David Beckham, per Se. I am, however, a big fan of what he has done for the sport, here (in the Philippines), and in the entire world. That, and he married Posh Spice. I mean, who wouldn’t be impressed by that?

Besides being a phenomenal footballer, David Beckham was also a very soft-spoken individual. It sometimes even borders ‘Shyness’. Check out videos of him on YouTube, and you can tell this guy wanted to be the best footballer, and wanted to play top football, but just also happened to be ridiculously good looking.

Whether or not you are a Beck Head, or a Man U fan, or a Real Madrid foot soldier, or whatever you are, you cannot deny the contributions that David Beckham gave to International Football. He may have been an England national, but I think it’s safe to say that next to being British, David Beckham is an all out Football player.

This is not a tribute. I’m not even a HUGE fan. I just wanna show how a person can do so well in a certani field, and change everything forever. To paraphrase a NY TImes article I read online about this whole thing (Btw, NYT, you can come up with a better title. Come on. You’re better than that), Beckham could’ve easily appeared on the cover of Sports Unlimited, as well as GQ (He did. Multiple times). That says alot about a personality’s “branding” or identity. You know you’ve made it when you can crossover multiple segments, and still be relevant.

Beckham during his visit to murder the Philippine Azkals. Guess which one is him.

I may be aiming at stars here, but David Beckham, as a brand, in my personal opinion, is a prime example of how branding should be. Whether or not your are in the athletics industry, or the fast food industry, people need to identify you with a certain set of values. And you need to consistent with them.

Beckham was the epitome of consistent. Well, except for that whole 1998 Fifa World Cup fuck up involving then Argentine National, and current Atletico Madrid Manager, Diego Simeone (England fucking hated Becks for that). Wherever he went, he brought with him the Beckham-brand. Fucking hell, I can’t even put it into words -_- BTW, he made up for the ’98 fuck up.

Studying his meteoric rise from a young Footballer to an international sex symbol, sports icon, and hair model (Don’t tell me you guys never did that whole Fauxhawk shit he did back in the early 2000’s) might be a good practice in studying how brands can stay relevant.

Then again, what do I know?

Update: Just another article I read about David Beckham’s global marketability (interesting read)


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