Dan Brown, Inferno, and a letter to the MMDA

So… the Metro Manila Development Authority recently released an official statement/letter addressed to internationally-known author Dan Brown, over his, apparently “unfair” portrayal of our Metro Manila. Should we be up in arms about this? I don’t believe so. If anything, this letter is one, pathetic, fucking attempt, that, if anything, makes me ashamed to be from the Philippines.

What’s the big-fucking-deal? So he wrote about some bad things in his FICTIONAL novel. So what? Are we so sublime that we think there is no truth to it?

“Metro Manila is the center of Filipino spirit, faith, and hope”. Seriously? Fuck that. It’s the center of Crime, Corruption, and atrocities towards the Filipino man.

Yes… Yes, I see what MMDA is saying.

Come on MMDA. You’re better than this (at least I’d like to think so). If you don’t think you’re better than this, then WE’RE better than this. It’s pathetic to believe that our beloved Metropolis isn’t exactly how it was described in Dan Brown’s Inferno. Who the fuck told you guys otherwise? Or better yet, is there another Metro Manila you’re talking about? I doubt it.

So here’s my letter to you:

Stop it. It’s fucking pathetic. Why can’t we be a people that uses criticisms to better ourselves? Newsflash: Metro Manila sucks. It’s polluted, violent, unsafe, and chaotic. It IS the gates to hell. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but better be hit by blunt words rather than a blunt object (similar to the many violent acts committed in Metro Manila everyday).

See? I don’t get it. What’s so unsafe about this photo?

Sure, there are certain areas where it’s awesome in Metro Manila, mostly indoors, in the safety of our own homes, but even then, there are exceptions (How goes the murder investigations in Metro Manila, btw?)

This “letter” is an embarrassment that shows the entire world that we are not ready to progress. That, no matter how much economic progress we brag about, we, as a people, are still worlds behind being civil.

I mean, really, who WOULDN’T want to go for a swim during this hot summer season?

For heaven and hell’s sake (no pun intended) you’re talking like we’re the greatest country in the world. Sure, maybe we were, back when there were less countries in the world, and the internet wasn’t invented yet. But now? Wake. The. Fuck. Up. 1) We elected a 20-year OJT, with no REAL experience, into senate, 2) We elected a convicted plunderer as the new mayor of the country’s capital, 3) Our national elections are driven by popularity rather than action, 4) Our so-called “integrated bus routes” along EDSA are nothing more than an excuse to spend money on signs, stickers, and whatnot, 5) Crossing C-5 has turned into a sick, fucking joke, 6) Nobody trusts the government and it’s officials, 7) I have no fucking clue where my taxes go.. You say infrastructure, I say show me, 8) Non-smokers might as well start smoking cause of the fucking pollution in this “metropolis”… I can go on, but I’m sure by now you know where I’m getting at. I love the Philippines, I love being a Filipino…but this is really making me think otherwise. If you are the types of people in office, then we’re fucked beyond belief.

Really, the only LOGICAL reason I can think of to why you had to react this way is… You don’t want the world to know that you’re simply not doing your job. It’s the only explanation. Funny though, did you not think this would go on the internet? I mean, you guys do know the Internet, right? It’s that little system of networks that makes it easy for someone in, say, Norway to see the idiocies you’re doing in MY city. This is hilarious. Really, MMDA? Really?

As a sign of anger, I will buy that fucking book and I will read the fucking HELL out of it. I will rave about it. I will lend it to my grandparents. I will treasure that book. I will be buried with that book, sir.

And i don’t even like reading.


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