Uncontacted People, and Shattered Beliefs

Recently, I discovered a few articles about “uncontacted” civilizations/tribes in the most remote of areas in the world. Some were clear hoaxes, some were uncovered as a hoax 20 years later, while some are still just speculations. However, regardless if they are real or not, it sparked people’s imaginations. Just when we thought we knew everything, or most, about who we are, we then discover something that throws our understanding off guard. It’s a good analogy when it comes to figuring out who we are as a people vis-a-vis our country, our continent, and even our universe.

In the 1970’s Manuel Elizalde claimed that he discovered a, then un-contacted tribe, called the Tasadayin a remote, and lush rainforest in Mindanao. Years later, it was uncovered as a hoax. Over two decades have past, and people are still debating it’s authenticity.

Elizalde. With, who appears to be, a Tasaday tribeswoman.

Numerous discoveries, such as this, have been made before and after the Tasaday’s discovery. Some may be fabricated, some may be legitimate… one this is for sure, though. It says a lot about how far we are in terms of knowing who we really are as a species.

Something about discovering an un-contacted group of people, who are not versed with modern practices seem pretty fucking cool. Imagine… in this day and age, to find someone who has no knowledge of Twitter or Facebook already amazes us. What more for people who don’t even have knowledge of clothing? or Cooking? That shit is is next-level.

We’re probably as strange to them, as they are to us.


Either way, we need discoveries like these. It keeps us grounded. It reminds us of how small we really are. I may be alone in this one, but the numerous advances our race have discovered, I feel, made us…, for lack of a better word, assholes. It made us think we’re gods. We seldom forget that Earth is one of a billion other stars in our galaxy alone. What the fuck are we going to do when we discover that, we aren’t alone? 100 Bucks says we’ll be shitting our pants in the first 15 minutes.

According to Survival International, there are over 100++ “un-contacted” tribes in the world. Un-contacted, meaning, they refuse to say “Hey” to us. They’re not necessarily stone-age people, but they’re… different. How are we going to react if we come face to face with them? Furthermore, how are we going to react when we come face to face with beings from another realm? (Woah). Even furthermore, how are we going to react if we come face to face with the truths behind our beliefs? (shit.)

And that is why…

I watch Ancient Aliens.

Love this show.


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