Inmates, ERAP, and the Death Penalty

Crime does pay. Never has this statement been more true than in the Philippines. In the Philippines, if you do the crime… You will do the time. You will end up in jail. And, depending on the severity of said crime, you could very well rot in jail (because we outlawed the death penalty a few years ago).

This statement, of course, like most, if not ALL countries, only apply to the ones who 1) Cannot afford good lawyers, 2) Cannot afford decent bribes, and 3) Cannot afford payment for 5-star accommodations inside the country’s correctional facilities if that person is indeed found guilty of whatever crime he/she has done. Of course, there’s still that notion of “Are they really guilty? Or did we just send an innocent person in jail?” But that’s a different story already.

I recently stumbled upon a web article about a few Manila City Jail inmates clamoring/demanding/protesting for better treatment, as well as the ouster or Warden Lindon Torres. The inmates complain of sub-human treatment within the walls of Manila City Jail. I’m sure most of you are already somewhat familiar w/ the current state of our penitentiary system: it’s overcrowded, the young mix with the old, the inexperienced with the experienced, and, if you’re lucky enough, only about half the people in the cell will look at you while you’re taking a shit.

Honestly, I agree with them. I’ve seen enough articles, and news clippings about how inhumane our state penitentiaries are. It’s over crowded, it’s dilapidated, and whats worse, fucking Kids are mixed w/ hardened, seasoned, criminals. That shit is fucking ridiculous. BUT like any normal person, I just hoped things would get better for them, and we can truly help them rehabilitate and change for the better. Fuck, these are what these things are for right? I mean, this is why I pay taxes too. Hell, it was even talked about in Pnoy’s SONA a year or two ago :/ (see below).

What really irked me were the comments of various people on the interwebz about how “they deserved it”, “they ruined their own lives” etc etc. Really, how can we say that “they deserved it”? Were we there? Did we see them commit the crime first hand? Hey, dipshits, there are 50,000++ children mixing it in jail right now, with murderers, and rapists… do these kids deserve to be in jail too? I. Dont. Fucking. Think. So.

How heartless can we be that we simply throw aside a person’s life because of a mistake they made? And we’re a fucking Catholic country for Christ’s sake. Hell, there should be a jail for hypocrites, if you ask me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL for guilty people doing time. If you raped someone, if you murdered someone, if you stole from someone, you have to go to jail. You have to pay society back for the crimes you committed. But, at the VERY FUCKING LEAST, you should be able to do all this with a little dignity.

I’m paying taxes left and right, and for some reason, there’s still a lack of schools, unemployment is at a high, EDSA can still suck my dick, buses are still assholes, and prisons are still overcrowded. What the fuck is going on?

If you ask me, if we’re going to continue letting them live like this, we might as well bring back the death penalty. Their current living situation, especially if you’re just waiting for sentencing, or even just to attend hearing (not to mention those kids who grew up in jails for petty crimes they did 8 years ago), is already tantamount to death. So… might as well, kill em off, right? It’s so sad that when we banned the death penalty, we celebrated, and were celebrated like kings and heroes of human rights. And then this shit storm happens. Fucking hypocrites.

PNoy, buddy… what the fuck are you doing? Stop trying to chase after people who fucked you over, and start doing your job. You have 3 more years, buddy. Please, make it count. Start by making sure your crazy-assed sister doesn’t run for office in 2016. Please.


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