Welcome to Your Mid-20s: Things to Keep in Mind

Being in your mid-20s has nothing to do with how old you are. The Mid-20s is a state of mind that, unfortunately, I cannot properly define. All I know is, there are certain things that will show that you’re actually in this period in your life. Its fucking confusing, and a drag, but, if met with proper preparations… it’ll be a little less of those things.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

This is how kids see us Mid-20s folk.


Instant ramen is the ONLY way to go

Let’s face it, when you’re in your mid-20’s a 4 Peso piece of cigarette already goes a long way. Imagine what you could get instead of a P350 meal. So as young, independent, but broke individuals, we normally rely on cheap, 50-peso insant noodles for our daily sustenance. It’s not really the healthiest option, fuck, it’s not even the smartest option, but we would rather spend good, hard-earned money on alcohol, cigarettes, and bus passes, not to mention your daily GoSakto allowance (so you can properly plan out a binge-drinking night with your mates).

Face it. This is happening.

Mobile network promos will save your life

Get real buddy. We can’t afford that Plan 1999, Samsung GalaxyS4/BBZ10/HTC One bullshit. Not unless you’re lucky to be running your own business, or working for a top company that pays for it. Even then, there’s still that question of “Do I really wanna bring my work phone to a fucking night out?” Pre-paid will be the way to go. However, as broke, mid-20s people, were going to want the best deal out of it.

Get ready to make hard choices: Do I prefer to call people and get instant replies? Or would I prefer to just send out SMSs left and right and hope that someone replies on time? Knowing pre-paid promos will help with this little dilemma.

Hell, I’m always on my GoSakto Pre-paid promo. 41 bucks for unlimited SMS to Globe/TM networks? Fucking. Yes. Please.

Don’t let G-Ands fool you… YOU WILL NEED THIS

Closing Down a Club Has Less merits than Closing Down Your Neighborhood Bar… Or ‘Til Your Friend Kicks You Out of His Apartment

When you’re in your early-20s you have all the time and energy in the world, even if you don’t have all the time and energy in the world. Clubs are more fun, watches are just fancy things that tell you the time (as opposed to fancy things that tell you when it’s time to go home and go to bed), and you and your friends can still go for the 10th Nightcap/For the Road drink. In your mid-20’s, however, things go a little differently. You’d much rather spend your money on comfortable seats, self-regulated music, and freedom for bulky bouncers.

Do you still end up in clubs? Sure you do. Do you still close down clubs, and party like a hardy? Of course. Hell you’ll still have those days where you’ll end up in the nearest McDonald’s eating Sausage McMuffin with Egg Sandwhich at 5:30 in the morning. Just don’t expect to do it for more than once a week. Try going 150% on a Friday while you’re in your Mid-20s… See if you can even reach 20% the next day. #JimTulay

One of the many nights I ended up NOT in my home… but in a hotel 16 hours north of Metro Manila

Home is where your toothbrush, deodorant, and extra knickers are

Sure, you may have moved out of your parents’ place, and yeah, you may be living alone in an apartment, or you may be sharing with your best mates… It doesn’t matter. According to studies (based on my experience), 20-35% of the time, you won’t be going home to your own place. It’s just too much freedom for one person to take. You’ll have days where everything will just start with a quiet dinner with friends, and end up drunk, sleeping in a random motel 2 hours south of the Metro. Epic adventures will start, alcohol will be consumed, and lungs will turn dark… treasure it. For a few years, it’ll all be gone. Investing in pocket a pocket-size daily travel kit is highly encouraged. That, or just fuck personal hygiene altogether… or until you get back home.

The smaller, the better

RedBull will give you wings

Runners and athletes have “second wind”; we have RedBull/Cobra/Booster. At this point in our lives, we would be the biggest stockholders of energy drinks. Coffee just takes too much time to prepare and consume. High-sugar energy drinks, however, are cheap, accessible, and cleverly designed to attract Mid-20s peeps  not wanting to end their night in one place. Energy drinks will be a staple part of our nightly diet… most times it will be the only item on our nightly diet. It may be unhealthy and unnatural… but really, up until this point, we really couldn’t give a flying fuck. Think about it: due to your high alcohol tolerance, and penchant for staying out late (brought about by teenage indiscretions) you’ll end up spending more to get to a specific point of inebriation for that night. However, you’ll also be fighting against your genetic disposition to grow up, and realized you just can’t function beyond 2AM anymore. Mini-mart energy drinks solve that little dilemma for us, Mid-20s folks.

Fair warning though, if you ever encounter a drink commonly called as Red Bull Bombs (RBB), expect a loooooong night.

It’s all about Sundays, and how to prolong them

Fuck Fridays. We’re old enough to know that Fridays will come, no matter what. It’ll always be that one day that will save us all from sure insanity, and stress. Hence the constant “thank god it’s Friday”, or “Keep Calm, The Weekend Is Almost Here” posts on Twitter and Facebook, every Thursday/Friday. Being in your mid-20s you’ll find out that, apart from being the day to get royally shit-faced drunk, Fridays are also a clear indication of your keenness for spotting high-return investments in the form of, the ever mythical “Rest Day”.

Will you break the bank, and go all out on a Friday? Or will you pace yourself during the entire weekend, and save Sundays as your “chill day”? Being in your mid-20s means as much Sunday as humanly possible.

Sunday serves as the buffer between the weekend, and the new work week. If you don’t plan your Sundays properly, you’ll find yourself wishing for it to not be done, even before it even starts (this is not only possible, but fucking depressing as hell as well).

“Being in your mid-20s is like a dream within a dream, wherein you dream that you have the freedom of a child, but the responsibilities of an adult; it is a state of being wherein we cannot graduate, until we make that final push to let go of our youth and welcome the truth about our own mortality.” (Me, 2013)


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