Face It, You’re Poor

There is absolutely no way to deny it. You are poor. Face it, at this point, you’re realizing what a terrible mistake you’ve made moving out of your parent’s home, out of the assurance of home cooked meals, hot water, above average broadband connection, and of course, what every homeowner dreams of… “Free utilities” (In quotation marks because, let’s be truthful… there really is no such thing as FREE utilities).

Remember that awesome new game you want to buy? What was that again? The Last of Us? Yeah, forget about it. You’re not going to be able to afford that anymore. You’re not going to be able to afford a lot of things, really. You’re simply too busy stressing over your upcoming monthly dues (rent and utilities included), going through your super simple budget over and over again to try and find a way to be in the Black for the next few months… But really, it’s a simple case of adding and subtracting… unfortunately, the end result, at least for the next few months, will undoubtedly be RED.


On the Brightside, You’re not…POOR POOR… I mean, there are millions more who have less than you, but really, that thinking won’t be enough to console you. It’s not being mean, it’s being human. We’re flawed by design, there’s no way to escape it. Just like there’s no way to escape the fact that some people are just luckier than others. You may not be dirt poor, but a few others may still have more than you, and that’ll drive you fucking NUTS. Again, it’s not being mean, it’s being human.


Interestingly though, while this may seem like the worst-fucking-time of your life… all roads point to the exact opposite. This is fucking brilliant. When you were a child, you couldn’t wait to figure out what you were going to be in the future. This is that point in your future. This is what young you, wanted to do, as an adult him (?).


You can be drunk with your friends until 5am on a Wednesday, and have work at 9am that same morning. It’s up to you. I don’t suggest it, but, as a free person, you’re free to do it. There will be certain repercussions, but the beauty of it all is you decide how you want those repercussions to be. No.One. Else.


So I guess, while you can say you’re poor in resources, opportunities, luck, connections, , or whatever else that comes to mind, you can also say that you’re rich in solutions to what you lack. Need money? Make some. Get a job. Need inspiration? Go outside, talk to people, do research. The world is an abundant place when it comes to opportunities. Unfortunately, it’s also filled with assholes that’ll make it seem like it’s not worth going through. Quite the opposite, really.


What was this all about? I’m still not sure. On one hand, I’m broke, on another, I’m still broke. I guess if you need some good, honest perspective, you can always look for it in your surroundings. Needless to say, while it seems as if it’s such a daunting task to figure out where you want to be, you’re not the only one in that situation. Everyone, is in that situation.


To think, all this because I was too lazy to cook myself dinner.


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