Coupling and Other Ultimate Ends

Due to recent events, I’ve been very… contemplative. I’ve had a retarded amount of free time, and I’ve been spending them pretty wisely. It’s always good to have some time with yourself, to think, to discover new things that you have otherwise brushed off when you still saw yourself as a “group” person. For me, it was a bevy of things: From the mundane such as finding out I can actually finish an entire lapad of Tanduay by myself and thoroughly enjoy it, to the  re-revalations such as finding out how much I love, and miss discovering new music from original artists (covers are great too, of course). But perhaps the most important thing I’ve uncovered during this “turbulent” time is the fact that shit don’t turn out the way you want it to because you weren’t prepared for that shit to happen.

People say stuff like “Yeah I’m ready to conquer the world”, or “Yeah I’m gonna start my new empire TODAY” but falter soon afterwards simply because they were lured into the notion of “happiness” without hard work. Basic thought is this: if you want to, let’s say, be the CEO of a major company, you’ve got to be able to go through the entire company first. You can’t just say shit like “Ah, I aced my uni, and made so much money, I’m ready for this shit”, cause that doesn’t mean you are. If anything, it means that you’re far from ready, and that it will most likely blow up in your face in the near future.

Everyone strives to be happy. However, not everyone gets it, cause everyone just kind of speeds through it without really working hard for that happiness. I think this is one of the biggest problems our generation is facing right now. We have all these resources to do, literally, whatever we want, but we get so hung up on the end result, that we miss out on the actual things we need to do for that end result.

If you wanna have a happy family, with the special someone that you know you are supposed to end up with… You can’t just stand up, and be like “Let’s do this”. No, you gotta go through a few checklists first, otherwise, you’re just gonna fuck it up somewhere along the way. That won’t make you happy, thus negating your initial goal.

End results are end results because you had to go through something/s to get there. There are no shortcuts. In the end, whats supposed to happen will happen, unless you don’t work for it. I for one, am willing to work for it. I have nothing but time, anyway.

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