21 Awesome Things That Are Way Better When You Do Them Alone

Thought Catalog

1. Binge-watching the shows that you’re really embarrassed to love, but which you love more than you imagine you will love your own children some day.

2. Ordering a pizza with exactly the toppings you want, ecstatically counting down the minutes until the delivery man arrives, and reveling in the knowledge that you don’t have to share a single slice with anyone.

3. Proceeding to eat said pizza with the kind of abandon you only allow yourself when no one is there to watch/judge you.

4. Turning on your favorite music and spending a whole afternoon cleaning and re-organizing all your stuff to be exactly the way you want it, and getting all the satisfaction at the end of a job well done.

5. Going to a new city and spending the whole day walking around, just deciding where you want to eat for dinner that night. Looking in the…

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