Things I’m Learning While in My Mid-20s

In a few months, I’ll be 27. That means, I’ll be in my late 20’s. A year or so after that, I’ll come up with another article describing shit I’ve learned/am learning in my late 20’s, but for now this will have to do. A lot of things have happened to me this past year, I’ve traveled, I’ve made mistakes, I’ve done good, I’ve disappointed a few people, and I’ve rise above some’s expectations of me. In a nut shell, it’s been a bat-shit insane year. But like any other turning point in one’s life, it’s always important to point out all of the random shit you’ve learned from it.

1) Literally, ANYTHING, can be a trigger to you looking at your life through really critical lenses

I had a conversation recently about which would be more painful, childbirth? Or getting kicked in the nuts. Naturally that short, seemingly, nonsensical conversation turned on my curiosity buttons and I proceeded to Googling a possible answer. Mid-way to my Google search I suddenly asked myself “What the fuck is wrong with me? People around me are busy with work, hustlin’ to pay the bills, getting married and shit, havin’ babies… and I’m searching through Google about Hermaphrodites, childbirth, and nut bashing”.

At this point in anyone’s life, it seems apparent that anything could be a trigger to help you realize what you want in life. Hell, I may be wrong, and this may or may not be the same for everyone, but I’m damn sure, that one point in anyone’s life, where even the most mundane things (such as Hermaphrodites, childbirth, and nut bashing) makes you question your life in an existential way, clearly exists, and cannot be avoided. It’s just a matter of when it’s going to strike. I’m still yet to find out if I should have an answer for this already (for both the nut bashing thing, and where my life is headed at age 26).

2) We are at the tail-end of our “WALWAL” selves. (AKA YOLO)

Yup. It’s going to end soon. And, fuck, I’m sure the ending won’t be as dramatic as I want it to be. It’s not going to be epic at all. The YOLO/WALWAL days will just slowly fade away, until only such memories remain. And it phrases like “Yeah, that was fucking epic” will soon be replaced by “Holy shit, I did that? Thank GOD I’m 30”.

Everybody gets one, I supposed. I, for one, sure as hell don’t want to do the shit that I do until I’m 35. Hell, I’m not even sure I wanna keep doing them before I reach 30. Perhaps 30, would be my last hurrah, one last night of debauchery. Of pure and utter decadence. Before I shape up and actually grow the fuck up.

It’s a sad painful truth. But really, you can’t live forever. Yeah, you’re only young once… So do the shit you wanna do, and then grow the fuck up.

3) Quarter-life crisis is REAL

Sometimes, you just want a group of friends who have the same fears as you. Safety in numbers, I suppose. Especially at a time like this. I’m not professional psychiatrist or whatever, but I’m pretty sure ‘Quarter-life Crisis’ exists between ‘Imma fucking live forever motherfuckers!!!!’ and ‘Holy shit how am I going to pay for rent?!’.

It’s a weird state to be in. On one side, you feel invincible, almost god-like even… and on the other more realistic side you KNOW you have to be responsible, and get your shit together.

Be it a group that takes binge drinking to whole new levels, or another that circles Metro Manila’s night club scene in the hopes of creating, finding, or at least simulating (for the night) that one semblance of a connection we all lost or are looking for, kids in their mid-20’s need this sort of support group. Cause really, no man is an island… and your mid-20’s is one lonely fucking island to be in.

4) If what you thought your life would be 10 years ago was a person, he’d be laughing at your sorry ass

Sorry broskies, but this is one truth no one can ever escape from. Sure, you may thing “ah, I’m not like the rest of them…I’m special”. Here’s some truth for ya: you’re not. Your just like everyone else who’s passed the mid-20’s. Some just handle it better, to some it comes a little late… but sooner or later, it’s going to catch up… and if you’re not prepared, well… best get your self more of #3’s cause it’s going to take a while.

Nothing is ever how it seems. Fuck it, nothing happens according to plan. No one can really tell what the future holds, so what’s the use? Live in the now. Make friends, love, get your heart broken, start a start-up, regret starting that start-up… It’s ALL GOOD, cause at this point, really, what’s the worse that can happen? Can you imagine going through this shit when you’re 33, with a kid on the way, and mortgage to pay?! Fuck that man. You can’t handle that shit, not with all the booze and funny cigarettes you’ve been smoking. Life will get you. And it will get you good.

The one thing I’ve come to learn about this is acceptance. The sooner you accept that there are things beyond your control, to sooner it will all be better. Just think of the other things you can focus on, write that crap novel, fucking buy a fixie, hell, buy a hedgehog. True order can only be found in chaos, and in chaos, we shine the brightest. Think about it.

5) “LOL, Money? What Money?”

Yup. You’re broke. And you’ll be so fucking creative when you’re broke. I’ve had times where I’d survive eating just spoonfuls of peanut butter. For lunch, and dinner. I lost weight, yes, and at one point, I ended up like looking like I was dying of a sickness no one could explain, but I didn’t. I survived. I’m still surviving, tho, now I’ve learned to really be crafty when it comes to tightening my belt.

Sure you may still be living at your folks, and they may still pay for your gas money, etc. etc. But sooner or later, you’re going to slip. You’re gonna thing “meh, a round for my boys won’t do me no harm”, and then you’ll be like “Fuck, Laboracay… BOOK IT”, of course with that comes “Shit, Laboracay in 2 months, Gym membership!”, and so on and so on.

How to avoid this? Be fucking smart with your expenses. If you live alone, don’t eat out too much. Explore the many wonders of instant ramen, and 711 choices. Gas prices too high? Fucking commute. Sweaty during the commute? Bring an extra shirt. Single? Don’t go out on dates too much. Or if you can’t help it, be “creative”. Bring her to a museum, and pretend to be all artsy… Or, bring her to your friend’s open mic night at the local bar. Hell, bring her to a party you yourself JUST GOT INVITED TO. When the money’s gone, that’s when you really learn to bet on yourself. You might miss a few shots, but hell, ultimately, you’ll come out swinging

6) Mid-20’s May Be a Bitch, But It’s a FUN Bitch

This is it guys! What other age in life can you go to Happy Thursdays, pretend to be a freshman college kid, and slam bottles with the rest of ’em? What other age in life can you move out of your parents house, and not have a curfew…ever? What other age in life where you can just say yes to a random weekend surf trip with nothing but 500 bucks in your pocket, and everyone full aware of your fear of open waters? This is it.

We all have jobs, and are paying for our own way in the world. We’re fucking gold, folks. It’s hard, and lonely at times, but really… is that enough for us to breakdown and just give up? Fuck that. I, for one, will milk my remaining years as much as I can. If my late-20’s were a boob, I’d milk it dry.

Again, we can’t do this shit when we’re in our 30s. That’s just fucking sad. We’re at the stage in life where we can pretty much do whatever we want, and at the same time, learn a little something from it. Cool right? Your mid-20s may be hard, and at times, you may just wanna cut your losses and run back home to mommy and daddy, but really, it’s going to get better, things will be clearer, and life will be more than bearable, it’ll be epic as shit.


No offense intended to those who think they’re on the right path. I’m just saying, these are the things I’ve learned/picked up in my mid-20’s… They suck, but hey, yours might be better, I don’t know, nor do I give a flying fuck. Just sayin’, sorry if you feel offended.


2 thoughts on “Things I’m Learning While in My Mid-20s

    • So true! I think our generation lost focus in the importance of working for things. There should be a proper balance between youthful decadence and mature responsibility…

      if anything i think our mid-20s are like the unofficial turnover to adulthood lol

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