Hills, Elephants, and Alan Rickman: I Wish I Could Read

I wish I had learned to love to read. This was one of my most hated truths about myself. Actually, I think it’s my only hated truth. Well, at the very least, until I uncover some new ones… but i digress. I think that loving to read would’ve been fucking awesome. Like Thrift Store awesome.

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Welcome to Your Mid-20s: Things to Keep in Mind

Being in your mid-20s has nothing to do with how old you are. The Mid-20s is a state of mind that, unfortunately, I cannot properly define. All I know is, there are certain things that will show that you’re actually in this period in your life. Its fucking confusing, and a drag, but, if met with proper preparations… it’ll be a little less of those things.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

This is how kids see us Mid-20s folk.

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Things to Make 2013 Elections Seem a Little Less Crappy, and A Little More Entertaining

Stumbled upon this little online article from UK’s The Standard. Pretty embarrassing stuff, if you ask me. I love my country, I love it to hell, and back. But sometimes, I just wanna fucking choke the life out if, y’know? Kinda like a cute puppy you wanna hug SO HARD but you’re just scared you might kill it (a bit morbid, I know… I’m sorry). But then again, what can I do? I am but one person. Out of a staggering 90+million around the world. What can I do? What can any of us do? Run for office? Nah. Too expensive. Bitch online? Yeah… but really, these dudes have the thickest skins… that won’t do much. I wish there was, at least, one thing we, as a people can do. Something we’re really good at, something inherent/intrinsic..maybe, even, innate, to us…

Oh. Yeah.. Make do. Persevere. Survive.

So…How do we do this? Easy.

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24 Hours in Boracay

A few weeks back, I was fortunate enough to be a +1 in an exclusive Marlboro event in the beautiful Island of Boracay (Fortunate because the winner was my girlfriend… and I automatically became the +1, much to the horror of our other friends). They set us up in a swanky hotel (Discovery Shores Boracay), gave as all-access pass to an exclusive Marlboro launch event in Club Paraw, w/c featured an awesome 2-hour performance by DJ Zedd (who my girlfriend and I mistakenly mistook for the band that performed “Starlight” from the movie “The Hot Chick”), as well as tons of free shit, courtesy of the good people from Marlboro. All in all we were about 30 (15 winners, and 15 +1’s). So much free shit for just saying “Yes” to the question, “Would you be willing to sacrifice your weekend, to go partying with Marlboro?” (Who the fuck would say NO to that?)

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